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How did I go from coaching clients to reach their fitness goals to helping them develop deeper relationships?

The connection between fitness and relationship coaching may not be obvious for you and to be honest, it wasn’t obvious for me either. Here’s the short story.

A few years into my business, I began to notice a similarity between all of my clients. They were all struggling with something BIG in their lives that held them back from reaching their weight loss goals.

I decided to dig deeper into my coaching playbook and I began to develop a way to intentionally connect their minds with their bodies so they could approach goal setting and accountability more authentically. The results were amazing!

I call it The Five Pillars of Optimal Health; physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual. These five pillars quickly became the empowering method I chose to implement in all of my coaching programs to ensure clients grew to get authentic results in their performance, life, love and career.

How are these Five Pillars integrated in your life? When movement, discipline, groundedness, limiting beliefs, and personal faith combine, they can contribute to personal growth and transformation. This combination can help you break free from self-imposed limitations, develop resilience and determination, stay connected to your values and purpose, and cultivate a sense of inner strength and confidence. Ultimately, these elements work together to empower you to overcome challenges, pursue your goals, and live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

Friends, coworkers and your dates will take notice of the changes in you as you explore your shadow that is responsible for holding the roadblocks preventing you from living an abundant life.

What is the shadow? The shadow is the place where you hide all of your flaws and insecurities deep down inside so that you won’t be fully seen, accepted and understood by yourself and others.

What do you do with this new information?

We begin with what Car Jung called Shadow Work. Jungian psychology is a type of psychodynamic psychotherapy which utilizes the instinctual motivation for psychological development in addition to those of love and power.

The goal is to achieve psychological healing and wellness by aligning conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality.

In just five short weeks, you will go from lost and aimless to discovering a direction in your life you never thought possible. All through shadow work.

Your questions and more will be answered during a quick consultation call. Message me here to schedule a free 30 minute session. No gimmicks, no fluff, just great advice or keep scrolling to sign up now.

Here’s what people are saying about the program.

Sofia- Vancouver – Shared,

“I definitely appreciate all the effort and awareness u bring into the meetings. The message u bring to all these women is very powerful!”

Allison- Las Vegas – Says,

“I really feel like my time with you as a coach really helped me… I’ve been in a very happy exclusive relationship now for a year and a half.. we work together to grow as a team, help heal each other and be supportive of ourselves individually.  I’m so grateful for the time spent to help me prepare and be in a position for the right relationship!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”


Customized Coaching

Have you been seeing patterns show up in your relationship that you don’t understand and want to change today?

Are you tired of the push and pull in a relationship, ghosting or seemingly endless mixed signals you get from a partner?

If yes to the above questions, you are the right fit for coaching with Dave.

In this one on one setting, you will receive completely customized relationship coaching to get over a break up, rebuild the relationship with yourself and be held accountable to grow personally through a personalized worksheet, homework and resources.

In one hour sessions each week for five weeks, you will connect with Dave one on one via Facetime to work through your grief, childhood attachment wounds and modern dating challenges.

When you sign up below, Dave will add your chosen time slot to the calendar and send a confirmation email.

Customized Coaching


Small Group Coaching

In this small group coaching program, you will connect with Dave and others just like you in groups of three to ten to help rebuild your relationship with others, have community and learn more about yourself than ever before.

During the one hour weekly calls, you will share and hear others share their wins, challenges and truths to uncover what lies in the shadows of your psyche to understand your authentic self.

Here’s what people are saying about the small group program that includes a private chat, weekly emails and supportive friends.

Small Groups are Currently Full.

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