Dave has been a great resource for me as a new Fitness Franchise owner in developing a system our trainers could use to ensure we are providing a high quality experience for our members.  I wanted to make sure we were exceeding expectations for quality in our training and providing my trainers with feedback and a system that would help them become the best they can be.  Every owner of a fitness facility should be so lucky to find someone like Dave to help them raise the bar in the trainer arena.


Owner, Fit36

I was interviewing with franchise-style gyms, thinking I’d work at one of these big clubs for a year or two then start training on my own. I thought it was too early to jump into training independently. Two things changed my mind. Dave asked me if being an employee at a franchise gym would teach me the skills I’d need to start a business as an independent trainer.  Second, I saw how loyal his customers were. I knew that learning from an independent trainer who provided the kind of service that kept clients around for 3+ years was going to be a better education than pressure selling to meet sales quotas at a chain gym. I am thrilled that I joined Dave’s mentorship program. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin my career.


Certified Personal Trainer, Fit Life Champions

You haven’t told me too many things that I “haven’t heard” so to speak, but you present them in a way that I can actually HEAR them for the first time. You’ve simplified issues that have been stressing me out, and you are able to give me focus on what steps I can take right now to start getting to where I want to go with my business.


Owner, Denver Mobility

My biggest takeaway from what you offered us was the point you made about catering to the 70-80% of clients who already do well with our workouts. It is in our nature as “teachers” to want to please everyone.  We often focus on the 10-20% or people who are struggling either with the workout itself, a personal issue or a service issue that is ultimately be outside of our control, thus we lose touch with the other set of clients who need us just as much, if not more.
I also know that just knowing that I might get “secret shopped” made me extra conscious of how I was running a class. I made sure to look the part, act the part, be very clear with my demos, and simply be present in the room

Trainer, Fit36

Dave thank you for everything you have sacrificed towards mentoring me. The biggest thing I noticed about you is you in this to make me a winner and to thrive. You are an endless pit of knowledge and prompt with response and extremely reliable. Your consistency, your professionalism and easy to get along with attitude makes your mentorship even more invaluable. I’m not just an online trainer and advocare distributor – your mentorship brings out the beast and the beauty of the different facets of my persona. In as much as you have pushed me to grind for my goals – you always preach patience, love, support and changing people’s lives. Thank you Dave!!!


Certified Personal Trainer, Fit Life Chicago

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Earning a Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification is the gold standard in the industry, which allows Dave to train the best of the best athletes anywhere in the world.

Experienced mentor and business coach

Systems based business coaching to take business owners to the next level.  Education, experience and leadership training enables Dave to coach exceptional business owners to be their best for their clients.

Founder and owner Fit Life Champions

Fit Life Champions strives to give the best service to women who want to begin resistance training safely in one-on-one personal training, small group training and nutrition to lead them to their goals quickly.

Precision Nutrition

As a sports nutritionist, Dave coaches clients with a “fuel to perform” philisophy to be the best before, during and after competition.  Off the field, Dave coaches clients with an online workshop that challenges you to prepare for your busy schedule.

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Dave is available for mentoring or business coaching by learning more about your business and goals!


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