Why You Would Want to Pick a Niche in the Fitness Industry

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First things first, congratulations on receiving your very first certification to become a personal trainer!  If you haven’t gotten the certification yet, but are seriously contemplating studying for a test, I would recommend the National Strength and Conditioning Association CPT.  It was the first step in my career path of working with high school and collegiate athletes, as well as clients of all ages.

We all know that finishing the certification is only the beginning…. Now how do you move forward from there?

Step 1. Pick a Niche-  Discover quickly WHO IT IS that you want to work with most!  Having a passion day in and day out for fitness is awesome and it will last much longer plus be more fulfilling if you seriously care about the people you are serving.  I happened to pick women between the ages of 25-40 who want to begin a resistance training program safely and effectively to become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now, that doesn’t exclude anyone else from working with you, it simply narrows the focus of your strategies for your business.  It is the WHO portion of your business.

Step 2. Find out Why-  WHY do you want to work with those people?  This is the NEXT MOST IMPORTANT decision you will need to discover in order to have the day to day passion and success it takes to be a world class trainer.  The reason to get out of bed in the morning is the most important factor that will ensure longevity in a fast paced, exciting career!

Step 3.  Business Model-  Make the decision to either work for yourself or work for a corporate gym, each will offer pros and cons. “Entreprenuers are the only people who will work 80 hours per week to avoid working 40 hour per week” Lori Greiner of Shark Tank.   I chose to always work for myself for a couple reasons. 1. I never wanted that many eyes on me at once, and 2. I knew that I had a unique idea of how to train my clients without a fitness manager breathing down my neck.  So once that decision was made, I found a local fitness studio willing to take a chance on a trainer beginning with only one client!

Step 3.a. If you choose to work in a facility like 24 Hour Fitness or Lifetime Fitness, go in expecting to gain experience and establish yourself as an authority in your community.  You will gain valuable experience from fellow trainers or managers that will set you up for success for years to come.  Although from time to time, you may find yourself looking for a mentor to guide you on how to set yourself apart as a trainer in this competitive field.  And it would be my pleasure to lead you through the next steps in your business such as financial freedom, nutrition, marketing and programming.  Each of these common questions are topics I am happy to discuss with you to get you off the treadmill and start gaining TIME and MONEY from your growing business!

Please feel free to email me at riseup@fitlifechampions.com


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