The Next Step: Finding a Personal Training Client

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As I sit down to write the newest post in the “Train the Trainer” series, I am time warped back to the ole days when I first began my career. I longed for someone to look up to and guide me along my new career path. Well, that wasn’t going to happen easily!

I finally realized I needed to find someone to fill that role and ASK THEM FOR HELP!

Things were tough in the beginning, I didn’t have much of a clue on how to begin a business, find clients, design programs, work a night job and be a father all at the same time. I had to juggle… a lot of things. I drank A LOT of coffee… but more on that later.

These pain points are what I hope to ease for you as you follow along in this series, learn from my mistakes and grow faster and further than I could ever imagine for myself.

Ok, back to this week’s topic! Finding Clients!

This is every single personal trainer’s biggest pain point! If only there were more clients… then I would be able to (fill in the blank). Sound familiar?

It certainly does, and believe me… I have been there before, numerous times. I will begin with how I started with the first few clients after my mother.

The first of many clients I found from the restaurant I was pulling night shifts at to make ends meet. I loved this job, but that’s just it… it was a job. It would take me nowhere, but it did serve me up some of the most fun clients I could imagine working around. I had worked for this company throughout college to earn just enough to survive and achieve my goals. During those 3.5 years of school, I worked at 3 different locations, gaining trust from coworkers and establishing myself as “the expert” in that circle of influence. These are two key factors in finding your very first clients, do they know you and trust you?

If so, you are headed in the right direction. You don’t need to pull night shifts until 2 am just to find your clients, that was the situation I was in and I made the most of it by developing a small group training time slot that leveraged my time AND provided amazing service to those clients that first trusted me with their results. It began with one or two coworkers coming across town to see me, and ended with 9 or 10 of their friend group trusting me with their goals.

And, you know what? It worked. Mickey was their ring leader, without her the group was without their shepherd. Over the course of 9 months, Mickey lost 6% body fat and 30 pounds! I rewarded her with a special photo shoot to commenorate her achievement and she has been grateful ever since. She can keep up with her three boys and still rock a night shift at a job she loves, bartending! Here is her progress photo below.


There isn’t a one size fits all system to successful results for clients, each one is different and unique.  Mickey set out to accomplish a goal, came to me with the right mindset and we were able to work together to achieve something great!  What I learned from working with this group of clients was to ask for referrals, the best form of advertising for your business is word of mouth because it falls under the old adage, “do your clients know, like and trust you?”  Mickey came to me one session and stated that she didn’t know she if she could continue training with me because of cost, and so began my current referral policy.  If a client refers another client, they recieve one free session on their next package.  Simple and easy to implement, but a game changer for any growing business.

Always remember, if you don’t ask for a referral, the answer will always be no!

For more details on how you can impact others’ lives, please message Dave directly at

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