Business Development- Is it too soon to be thinking Big Picture?

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Ok, so you’ve gotten a few referrals and they each said yes to training with you three days a week. Victory! Success! You’ve arrived…

Except, not quite. Now what do you do to further your business?

This will be the most valuable financial information that I can deliver to you in a blog post. However, the information I’ll put forth today is only the very first step of many that will help you develop a mature and sustainable personal training business in the years to come. For more in depth, specific coaching, please feel free to book a 30 minute conversation with me via the calendar in the menu bar.

First things first, you have your liability insurance, right? Hope so. You’ve got to cover yourself in the event of an accident. If you train long enough, it’s bound to happen but if you are practicing within your scope and not putting your cliient at risk then this insurance will cover you.

I ask that question first to lead us to two choices for your first step in business development for a personal trainer. Here are your two choices.

#1 DBA- or Doing Business As (yourself) This route is the fastest and most affordable choice of the two. It essentailly means that you are using your name as your business name… for now. The advantages for a personal trainer to make this choice? It’s cheap! I recall paying around $5 for my DBA. Most importantly, the people that are most likely to hire you are those that know, like and trust you. Therefore, they will recognize your fliers, ads and invitations easier with your name than a “brand” name.

#2 LLC- Limited Liability Corporation- This option is exactly why I asked the above question about your liability insurance. An LLC will protect your personal assets against litigation from an accident under your supervision. As you might imagine, an LLC is more expensive, but not by much and I recall the estimated cost at $50 per year as personal trainer.

I began my career with a DBA and as I grew into my role as leader, motivator and full time strength coach I added an LLC to protect my business further.  For a personal trainer just starting out, these two recommendations are the best fit.  However, if your specific business needs become more complex please book a one on one consultation with me via my schedule HERE!  Go get ’em!

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