Social Media for the Personal Trainer

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By far the number one lead generating social media platform for me has been…..


Not my business page, however.  ALWAYS my personal page.

I’ll hop off my soapbox in a second, but what you post on your personal page matters to your business!  You may not think anyone is watching, but they are.

Therefore, if you would like a career in personal training, you must be intentional about what you post on Facebook!  So I am always aware of what I’m posting daily.  I eiliminate the negativity, swear words and shirtless pictures.  My niche in the industry DOES NOT buy into my coaching philosophy when I post those images!

The most popular posts you post that drive leads to you may have nothing to do with exercise, fitness, nutrition or the gym you work in.  They may look more like this…



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85 likes and 5 comments posts like these will grab the attention of your audience more than

posts like this…


with 8 likes and 1 comment (most likely from your biggest fan: Mom).

As I have mentioned before, people will be sold on you long before they buy a training program from you!  What does your ideal client care about most?  Is it their vertical jump max test or their connection to family members?  My advice is to be seen as much of a role model as possible to the people you are connected with on social media, and who may be watching and waiting for the right moment to reach out to you for your help.

I don’t want you to believe that hiding things from people is what I would like to convey as my message, because we all have lives to live and family that we love.  Therefore, if you are at a really cool brewery or winery or your softball team is celebrating; and that’s a passion of yours?  The post below was a team I played on with clients from the gym, one of which has a beer in hand.  This post is excellent engagement for you audience because of the authenticity in its message.  “We are here to have fun!”  And fitness is meant to be fun!


Go ahead and share this type of post with the audience you have on Facebook because the law of attraction states that you will have clients just like you reach out for your personal training services.

However, be very careful with the frequency and intensity of the images you choose to put out there… It may come between you and a client some day down the road.  For instance, if a client sees you partying 3-4 nights per week, they will be convinced they can do the same and still reach their goals.  Not true at all!  They will become frustrated and you will too, and you may never be able to repair the trust and relationship you tried so hard to develop!

As you will see early in your business, your personal page will generate so much more business than a business Facebook page ever will.  In fact, fewer than 6% of your “likes” on Facebook will see your business posts… It’s how the algorithms are built by Facebook, a recent change to increase ad spend from Facebook users.  In total, 5 years into my business, I have spent LESS THAN $3,000 on Facebook advertising in order to earn over $180,000 gross revenue!  You won’t need to come close to spending that amount to find clients via your network and personal page, I guarantee it.  (It is only recently since opening the studio space that I have become busier on Facebook ads which beyond social proof is the only reason to manage a business profile.)

Simply be the best you can be, on and off of social media and your ideal clients will come flocking to you!

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