Why Live Events Work for Personal Trainers!

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Invitations for events and sponsorships come my way all the time, and I have learned to be selective about where my money and time is best spent.  Here are a few things to look for when accepting invitations for events and opportunities to sponsor.

  • Where is the event located and what is the time commitment?  Is the event close to the location where you train?  How long will it take to prepare for the event and set up on location once you are there? The closer to your studio the better so that your commute time doesn’t add to the logistical challenges.  Here’s an example:  I accepted invitations to two separate wedding focused events that were pretty far from my studio space, and I ended spending too much time preparing for the events ahead of time.  The items I put together ahead of time included a medium sized poster, a slideshow to display on a 32″ TV and a flyer that had the tag line, “Sweat it to Wed It”.  Cute, right?  I thought that these engaged couples would be highly motivated to begin a training program before their wedding.  Upon arrival, I discovered that the attendees came because of the proximity of their homes to the wedding venues and thus, my studio wasn’t close enough for any of them to schedule a transformation session with me!
  • Will your niche be attending the event?  You can expect to run into your niche just about anywhere, but will your niche (or target demographic) be receptive to what you are representing at, for example, a restaurant, coffee shop, etc.?  So, pick an event with an environment that provides a conducive mindset for your niche so that the attendees will be open to listening to you and your offer!
  • Cost!  How much will this opportunity cost you?  Time and money are both costs of running a business.  Will this event cost you money, time, or both?  And will your time and/or money be well spent? Make that determination before committing to any event or sponsorship!
  • Will there be other personal trainers present?  Competition is an awesome thing in the market place, and there are plenty of clients for us all… but if you’re one of 15 other fitness pros out of 30 total vendors in the same setting, you will need TO STAND OUT FROM THE REST of the crowd.  How will you do that?  How much time and money will that cost you?  Are you uniquely prepared to stand out from the competition?  If not, weigh your options and consider which events are best for you right now in your business!

This past week has been a busy one for me.  Attending a LIVE EVENT plus managing the full-time fitness and yoga studio had me running around finalizing details and completing To Do Lists like a wild man!

I chose this opportunity after carefully weighing all of the options….  And below is why I found it to be the right fit for Fit Life Champions!


I was asked to be the exclusive gym partner fo Lorna Jane Activewear hosting Warehouse and Trunk Sale coming to Denver October, 2016.  The location was well known and expected to have very high traffic!

  • This event was extremely close to the studio space: within a 10-minute drive.
  • Lorna Jane Activewear serves the exact same niche that makes up my business!  Therefore, I knew that my niche would be present and in a great mood to hear about my fitness company’s offer, which was a quick entrance for a chance to win a Transformation Session and a promotion flyer that featured a Roasted Butternut Squash recipe.
    • At an event like the Rock ‘n Roll Health Expo, my niche was EVERYWHERE and was VERY INTERESTED in what I was promoting!  Why? They were already signed up for the race, which put them in the fitness mindset to hear every option offered at the health expo.
    • The set up allowed me to meet as many new people as possible because I wasn’t tied to my one table or booth area. I was free to walk around and “bump” into my niche.
  • This event cost TIME, but very little money!  I produced a quick flyer with a recipe on one side and information about online and semi-private personal training on the back.  I produced plenty of these flyers so that I can reuse them for future promotion opportunities. I came up with a give-away offer of a few Transformation Sessions to sit down with a trainer to discuss goals and a game plan (again more time, not money).

Be seen- You are different!  You are unique!  That is what makes clients gravitate to you as a personal trainer!  You are what set you apart from the competition!   I recommend getting up, walking around and connecting not only with your niche, but also with other booth operators (but not if they are in conversation).  For example, when making my rounds, I bumped into the Rad Roller booth at the Health Expo, and the person running it recognized me… but at first I didn’t realize how until we chatted.  We parted having set up opportunities for future collaboration!


  • Additionally, a shopper at the Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale and I got to talking; she follows Fit Life Champions on Facebook and my recent posts were the reason she learned about the event… we had never met in person, but she follows us on Facebook!  Small world, right?  Not really, it was the result of my intentional social media marketing the week leading up to the event.  As I stated in the last blog post, Social Media for the Personal Trainer, you never know who is watching!
  • Are you able to connect with other business owners?  The other people working the same event may be the key to unlocking referrals for years to come!  I strolled throughout the Health Expo, seeking out like-minded business owners, introducing myself and making genuine connections.  That enables me to refer my clients to businesses I know, like, and trust while receiving referrals from them as well.  Case in point, my two recent connections, Rad Roller and Fit to Smile Dentistry!
  • Your best course of action is to put yourself in a situation to have as much face-to-face contact as possible with potential clients, build relationships, and put yourself out there… Does this Live Event help you do that to your best ability?  If not, pass.  If yes, GO FOR IT!

I have mentioned this before but the “know, like, and trust factor” is crucial to your business and is drastically improved with personal face- to-face interaction.  Rarely has an in-person or online personal training business been built from behind your computer screen!  So get out there, meet new people and invite them in to a Transformation Session with you and watch your business boom!

For the best mentoring and business coaching in the Denver area, connect with Dave by setting up a quick 30-minute phone call via the menu bar above!


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