Network with Business Owners

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I’d like to remind you that you are not alone on your journey in the fitness industry, and the message in this post is a huge part of the success you will have in your young career.

This lesson I learned too late in my career was the power of networking with likeminded business owners.  You and I are in the service industry, and as we have spoken about before, we are specialists.  Therefore, it is key to remember that you cannot (nor should you) try to be everything to everyone.

You are a personal trainer specializing in… beginner resistance training programs for women between 25-40 years old.  At least that’s who I am!

You are NOT a physical therapist.  You are NOT a massage therapist.  You are NOT a chiropractor.  And if you try to be, you will be doing your clients a huge disservice.  But what do we do to maintain our clients’ health, well being and aching bodies?

I strongly suggest that you build a network of likeminded individuals where you can cross refer to each other for years to come.  Begin with people you have seen personally, worked with closely and know the quality of their service.  The other specialists to begin your close network with are:

  1. Massage therapist
  2. Chiropractor
  3. Physical Therapist
  4. Orthopaedist
  5. General Practitioner MD
  6. Cardiologist

When you can build a strong relationship with each of these categories of “power partners” you can grow your business quickiy.

The biggest difference your network will bring to your business is the quality of life you give to your clients.  When they have aching joints, you will have the solution.  When they have sore muscles, you will know just the person to give to them to relieve their pain.

And I promise you, they will believe in you and thank you for it for years to come because you solved their problem.


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