The #1 Reason You Hesitate When Asked About Becoming a Personal Trainer

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I’ve asked a lot of people in the last year, “Have you ever thought of becoming a personal trainer?”

One common answer comes up time and time again as the reason I hear “NO!”  What is that reason?

“I want to reach my fitness goals before I feel like I can help others”  Believe me, I’ve been there before too!  Except I began to feel like this 18 months into my career instead of before I even began training others.  I saw other trainers were more knowledgeable, more intense and more organized than me.  But mostly, I felt like I wan’t walking the walk because I wasn’t in incedible shape myself!

You are not alone when you feel less than perfect.  Others feel the same way you do.  However…

It is your fitness journey.  It is your story that clients will relate to and the reason they will believe in your ability to train them to reach their goals.  Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”.  And it is absolutely true.  If you compare yourself to the fitness professionals you see on social media or the celebrity trainers you see on TV, you’re going to feel inadequate.  It took me two years in business as a self-employed personal trainer to make my own transformation.

Before: Nov. 2013 After August 2014

It was my journey to take.   You will take your own journey.

Your clients will take theirs as well, whether you’re in peak physical shape or not.  They will buy into you and your message long before they care about your bicep circumference or your body composition.

So do not let your fear hold you back, take the leap into the unknown.  And do it because you want to make a difference for others, to leave your own legacy in fitness and nutrition.

To read more from Dave’s coaches and how they help him stay on track to coach others click here: PRECISION NUTRITION

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