Keeth Smart: An Interview on How to Leverage a Personal Brand

I’ve been a personal trainer for over four years, and I love seeking out business owners to connect with on the topic of fitness, sports performance and nutrition.  Networking with business owners encourages me to see new perspectives from successful entrepreneurs and their businesses.  Recently, I was given the unique opportunity to discuss how to represent your personal brand with a business owner in an up and coming niche of the sports performance industry, wearable technology.

Who is Keeth Smart?

Keeth Smart

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY

Olympic Silver Medalist
Member of 3 U.S. Olympic Fencing Teams
1st American to be ranked #1 in the world in fencing
BS – St. John’s University
MBA – Columbia University

Owner and Innovator:

  • Physiclo initially started out as a medical school project where my cofounder, Frank Yao, saw that his patients were not following orders on how to lose weight.  Frank and his classmates decided to integrate resistance bands into clothing to make it more effective.  I joined the team when it was a still concept and understood it immediately. We then switched gears and began to focus on the fitness market.  The reason why I understood the concept was I used to train with resistance bands when I lived in Europe preparing for the Olympics
  • I wish I had Physiclo when I was an Olympian, because I would be even stronger and faster.  My teammates and I experimented with lots of different things such as weighted vests, ankle weights and resistance bands while doing agility and speed drills.  However, they were not comfortable or left my joints really sore.  If I had Physiclo I would have worn it during every practice specifically with my footwork drills and lessons.

What was your 1st entrepreneurial endeavor?
I had a small comic book business as a kid. I collected and resold comic books to my classmates at school.

How has your personal brand helped your success?
I leverage my personal brand to build sales and it offers credibility to Physiclo.

Have you found social networks like LinkedIn or Instagram helpful when starting out?
Yes, LinkedIn in reaching out to potential contacts.  LinkedIn has been invaluable in helping me grow Physiclo through a couple of things:

  • First, with connections to potential partners and investors
  • Second, I have used LinkedIn extensively in contacting strength and conditioning coaches in providing them samples for their college and high school teams
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for helping to build the brand and grow sales.
  • Connect with Keeth on Linkedin

What’s the most exciting thing that happened this month?
I was invited to speak on a panel about wearable technology at SXSW

My big takeaway from an interview with Keeth?

How to leverage my own personal brand to help my growing fitness company Fit Life Champions so that I can reach my lifetime goals of leaving a legacy in fitness and nutrition.

Would you like more information on leveraging your own personal brand to help grow sales and reach the next level?  Contact me now,

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