Your Purpose Fuels the Passion

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“The Best Way to Lose Yourself is in the Service of Others”

Mahatma Ghandi

Over four years ago, I began my personal training journey in a huge private studio located in the heart of Denver, CO.

My purpose was simple.  To train as many people as I could so that I could impact as many lives as possible.  While that seems like a strong enough purpose to keep me moving forward in my business, it actually faded over time as a motivating factor.

My purpose needed to grow in order for my business to become strong enough that I could quit my bartending job.  Can I still serve people through fitness AND reach that goal?  Sure could.  And I did!  By the second year in business, I approached $50k in revenue, affording me the opportunity to quit my part time night job!  How did I do it?  I accomplished that goal by implementing systems that allowed me to bring on more clients without increasing my hours significantly.

While it may seem as if being completely driven by making money is selfish, let’s take a look at it a different way.  The revenue that eventually gave me more time freedom (from a second job that was sucking the life out of me) came as a result of MY PURPOSE!  The newer, more current purpose pushed me over that first tipping point in my young business.

“Do what you love and the money will follow”

Pioneering Educator/Author Marsha Sinetar

Fast forward to my third year as a self-employed personal trainer, I had systemized my business to the point where I could operate 35 session hours per week between small group training, large group classes(for the studio) and one on one sessions!  However, I wasn’t in a position to delegate or scale much further than that!  I needed help or else I was going to burn out fast!

The next step was crucial to my development as a business owner and introduced me to a new purpose.  I volunteered to take on the internship program at the large studio space and recruited three interns to help us in the first six months.  Because their role in our facility was to learn and absorb as much as they could to graduate college, they were the perfect assistants to delegate to!  Two of the three have gone on the be strength and conditioning coaches at the collegiate level for competitive volleyball programs!

This new purpose, and while in its infancy was a simple idea.  I called it “Train the trainer”.  I volunteered my time every chance I got to build up new trainers at the studio, introduce them to my systems and see how they grew their businesses!  A few of them were dedicated enough to their own purposes that they grew beyond their own expectations, one has become a physical therapy assistant and the other is in charge of the Strength Program at the same studio!

And in volunteering my time to these trainers, I realized my new purpose was to impact their lives and businesses while continuing to build my own business, Fit Life Champions online and in-person.  Out of nowhere, my business topped $60k in revenue in year number three!  One trainer, many hats, and very little time pushed me to the brink of burn out many times… but I hung in there for the sake of my clients, my interns and the other trainers that looked to me for leadership at that time.

And then the unthinkable happened!  The studio I had built my business in for 3 1/2 years needed to move suddenly and I took the leap to open my own small boutique studio about a mile away.  Guess what?  I needed to put on more hats than ever before!  From head trainer to GM to janitor to CFO to chief marketing officer to customer service rep…. I got tired.  And quickly.  But without this leap of faith, I would not be sitting here where I am today.

I am realizing my true purpose for the first time ever in my career!  I am meant to build up personal trainers to impact more lives across the world.  I recently read John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership and my number one goal is to reach level 5.  Which is Pinnacle Leadership!

My purpose is simple…

“Leave a legacy in fitness and nutrition through systems based coaching”

What does that even mean?

In short, I apply systems to train my clients and have for over four years now.  Second, I offer up my systems that increased my revenue by 84% in a year to other trainers in a mentorship program, opening July 3rd, 2017.

Well, it may not mean much to another trainer just beginning a business or considering taking the leap from BIG BOX GYM to independent.  But to me, it represents the Guide to all of my decisions moving forward.

Do I move locations again?  Do I hire a new teammate?  Do I bring on more clients?  Do I outsource my marketing strategy?

When faced with new questions, I put it to the test by laying it out in front of my new purpose.  Does it align with my new direction?  If yes, move forward.  If no, politely decline.

Does that make sense to you?

What’s your purpose?  Does it drive the huge ship that is your growing business?

Are you still looking for your purpose to be the navigating tool you can use to move your new business forward?

After over four years and learning as much as I have (with still plenty left to learn) it is still…

It’s All About People 

Pictured are my long standing clients, beginning with Andrew, a recently graduated high school place kicker and soccer standout who headed to West Point in the fall of ’17.  The whole family eventually gravitated to my coaching style and now train together, three times per week in a small group setting!

If any of this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to grab your 7 Step Guide to Building a Personal Training Business eBook now!



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