How Your Niche Initiates Your Business Systems: 2017 Speech

As a part of the leadership team of the 3to5 Club Business Group, I recently had the honor to present my strengths to the leadership group from around Denver!

My strengths lie in building systems in my business to streamline my operations and sharing them with other businesses to move them forward!

We will begin with the most important system in your business, your client onboarding system or process.  Without people, your business won’t be nearly what you know it can be!  Your niche is unique, and if you’re a success coaching client of mine, you workshop that topic the first week of the program.

So you’ve determined who it is that you want to work with for the rest of your career…. now what?  Dave answers that question in about 30 minutes below!  For your 7 Step Guide to Building a Thriving Personal Training Business, click here now!

Tune in for more presentations on the systems that are useful for your business coming soon!

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