Become an Expert

When was the last time that you were asked a specific fitness or nutrition question?  Pretty recent, am I right?

They asked you because they VIEW you as an expert in the industry!  That’s great when it comes to your closer friends and family but how do we establish ourselves as the expert in a new circle of influencers?

Better yet, what circles would you want to include yourself in to become recognized as the expert?

Here are a few to get your mind flowing!

Pay to play” ideas

  1. BNI Groups- Business networking international
  2. 3to5 Club– Denver based business group of like-minded professionals, where do you want your business to be in 3to5 years?  Contact Kyle Matthews for more details
  3. Local Chamber of Commerce- For example, in Denver, Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce!  So many local events are held each and every week in many locations throughout the city such as lead groups.

Free Ideas!

  1. Gather friends for hikes, biking, paddleboarding, outdoor workouts, etc.  Become the influence in their lives that they know they need to inspire them to make a change!  You get to hang with friends and you NEVER know who they will lead you to!
  2. has an abundance of meet up/networking groups that have similar interests to your ideal client.  I belong to a few ski and snowboard groups that gather regularly for a happy hour out of season, and meet on the mountain during the season!  Check it out!
  3. Walk your dog through neighborhoods close to your gym, parks, etc.  I’ve met some new clients over a conversation about our dogs!  Don’t have a pet?  Borrow one;)
  4. Facebook Public, Closed or Private Groups like our Champions Success Group!  Being a facilitator in a forum such as facebook groups is an easy and free way to get to know your ideal client.  Words of encouragement though, this ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE ACTIVE in the group but not overly active with business related posts.  Simply show up to be a friendly newcomer to the group and you’ll meet some cool people!
  5. Volunteer!  Do you have a passion for the less fortunate?  I’d recommend volunteering to meet people just like you that have a big heart and common interests!

Cheaper Ideas!

  1. Join a local sports league!  I’ve definitely seen a return on my investment ($65 returning an in-person/hybrid online and nutrition client) by joining a coed, men’s or women’s sports team like Flag Football, Softball or Kickball.  Whatever you’re into, you will find like-minded people participating in an activity like this one!
  2. Become a member at a local gym, club or martial arts studio that your ideal client would hang out in!
  3. Sponsor/create/run in a fun run, 5k, 10k, marathon, etc to meet new people and show them just know how much of an expert you are at training for and accomplishing something challenging like a full marathon!

It is not recommended that you do not purchase web traffic to flow to your website at this time.  Word of mouth marketing is the BEST form of marketing at this stage of your business but I’d like to workshop this concept asap!

I’d love to learn more about your plan to become the expert in a community you will find your ideal client so please sum up what you learned in the comment box below so that we can discuss it asap!

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