What if?

I’ve got ideas floating around in my head all the time, some good, some bad, and some really ugly!

I picture my business at its pinnacle, its most successful, and this is always so motivating to me.  I also picture my business in “what if’ scenarios.

This practice came around during the first three years of my business when I rented space from someone else.  Essentially, my business depended on their business to remain successful long term.  I pushed those “what if” concerns to the back of my mind most of the time while I rented space as an independent contractor.  But good thing I had some ideas floating around just in case.

Because in the summer of 2016, the owner decided to move the gym locations on short notice.  The owner gave us thirty days notice, but until about a week before the move out date, she still did not have a new lease in place!  So I got to thinking about those contingency plans that had come to mind in the shower a time or two before.

You’ve heard that story before, so I’ll save you the retelling of the past year and a half.  But if we are just meeting, then click here to read the whole story, otherwise, READ ON!

This morning, on I70, I was cut off by another driver and almost side swiped into the center guardrail!  Scary, right?  What’s scarier is the thought that goes through your mind, “is my business set up to continue on if I am hurt?”.

Other “What if?” questions that came up for me this morning were…

… I were seriously hurt?  In the hospital for a while?  I were blinded?  I were suddenly taken from this world?  I broke a leg?

Would my daughter, now 15, be set up for life?  Would my teammates know what to do to continue on with the business?

Have you been there before too?

Before six months ago, I would not have any of the answers to those questions.  It’s more than which short term disability insurance to choose.  It’s more about the systems in your business that will provide you with a financial solution to the “what ifs”!

I am very fortunate to have found 3 teammates that believe in our mission and vision for Fit Life Champions.  I am more fortunate that I took the time to establish systems that are duplicable and in place so that…

My team can operate the business if I were to travel, or hurt, or pursuing my lifetime goal of leaving a legacy in fitness and nutrition.  That last goal may actually take me away from my business more than anything else I listed because it can never be completed, or checked off my todo list.  I will never be able to talk to enough personal trainers in my life, which is why my feet hit the ground running every single morning to race off to work so that I can have the time freedom to pursue such an dream with impact.

I’ve got so much to accomplish in my life that I needed help.  I needed to teach my systems to trainers that wanted to build their businesses with me in our studio in Denver.  And to be honest, it worked.  It worked really well.  Here’s what our teammate and my right hand person has to say about the development of her business.


I’d like to ask you a quick question.

Is your business set up to run without you?  Would your team be able to carry on if you wanted to pursue a new dream?  Or take a vacation?  Or if you got injured doing what you work so hard to be able to enjoy; hobbies such as mountain biking, skiing, trail running, or travel?

Beginning March 1, 2018, we are inviting students into our mentorship program that want to build a business, master online training, and eventually open their own studio location.  If you are a personal trainer that wants time freedom, financial freedom, and leave a legacy behind in fitness and nutrition, apply for the program now via the link below and Dave will personally reach out to discuss your business goals!

Mentorship Program Application

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