10 Steps to Have a Successful Week as a Personal Trainer

I’d like to take this opportunity to put together what a typical week will look like if you really are intentional about building a business, mastering online training and eventually opening your own personal training studio.

  1. Sunday afternoon/evening:  I built the habit or set the reminder on my phone and reached out to group training clients that didn’t have regular schedules.  “Hey [first name]. What does your schedule look like this week?” I often got immediate bookings with alerts from PT Minder as a result of this quick text.  Although we have systems in place to hold clients self-accountable, we are still coaches that were hired to provide a service!
  2. Sunday evening: look ahead at your weekly schedule and get plenty of sleep Sunday night to set yourself up for success!. If you built your red, yellow, and green time effectively enough and set appropriate boundaries, your schedule should be very similar each week.  My weekdays are blocked from 8-12 to serve in-person clients and 1-4 pm to meet with power partners to push each other forward which did not interfere with my clients’ schedules.
  3. Each weekday morning: Arrive early for your first client, class or appointment. Polish off programs and set up your workspace to serve your clients best.  Provide consistently great service to earn referrals and ensure membership and satisfaction.
  4. Follow up on client’s individual needs via text, call or email which makes them feel important and valued while getting them to their goals quickly.
  5. Each weekday afternoon: business development is a priority to ensure a constant stream of referrals and new clients. Meet with power partners and attend events where your ideal client spends their time. Continuously develop your online training programs for existing ideal clients during this “yellow time”.  Film videos, create programs and connect with these clients via text, call, email or social media. Run business specific errands. For example, the bank, the post office, etc.
  6. Each weekday evening: rest, recover, refuel for the next day’s client load. Don’t forget to plug in your own physical activity when it is best for your day.  I used to make time for afternoon workouts but now I attend our small group training classes at 6 or 9 am to get my day started and stay connected to the team of trainers and clients.
  7. “You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”  A quote that reminded me to lead by example to exercise regularly and I found my clients got better results in quicker time. That’s why I became a part of the Jiu-Jitsu community.  I attended classes as a member, cut loose, and be focused on my own goal of competing twice in 2018 as a blue belt.
  8. Friday afternoons: this is the first day and time which you may find that you can cut from your “availability”.  I was rarely asked for a session after 12 pm on a Friday so I took that opportunity to block that time for myself to golf, rock climb, see friends, and even take an occasional nap.  I also focused on getting quality sleep Friday nights because Saturday mornings always gave me the opportunity to catch up since they began later than any other day of the week
  9. Saturday mornings: I never began sessions any earlier than 7 am or an appropriate time for your niche.  That helped me set boundaries with clients and made ourselves a priority to boost the quality of life as a trainer, which ensured that we would be passionate about our careers for the long term!
  10. Sunday morning through the evening:  Rest, recover, refuel, enjoy life and family.  Meal prep for the week if you find that to be a valuable exercise to save time and money.  If you have never tried the process of meal prep, please visit learntomealprep.com to learn this simple system in just four weeks!

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