Episode 1- Jacqui Pugh- Break Up Coach

I couldn’t be more excited to interview Jacqui Pugh and introduce her as the expert Break Up Coach for authentic daters in Denver!  We originally met through Facebook and then met up to collaborate professionally about a project she was very excited about.

At that time, she was creating her unique online program, Unzipped.   A year later, she is my guest on the Believe Be Real Be Bold Podcast, episode one where we dive into self-awareness, how men act in “boyver”, and how to overcome limiting beliefs to get what you want most!

Her flagship program, BURN, is perfect for those that are ready To GET OVER YOUR EX, get their POWER BACK, and design The FUTURE the have always DREAMT OF!

Her clients come to her with this statement, “I’m sad, I’m lonely, or I’m in a relationship that’s good not great.”  Jacqui coaches them to turn that into a personal mantra of, “I’m single and it’s okkk, (all the way) to f*cking awesome!”

For all the details and to learn about her special community, click jacquipughunzipped.com

Jacqui also hosts a private Facebook group that empowers single people to embrace the journey!  You can request permission to be added to the select community now by clicking, #SingleAF and Loving Life! 

Connect with her on Instagram at either @jacqui_pugh or @wokehood

Jacqui Pugh holds multiple certifications, a few of which are listed below!  If her message resonated with you as an authentic dater in Denver, reach out to her now via her website jacquipughunzipped.com!

Life Coach

Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Motivational Coach

Master NLP Practitioner

About your host, Dave Glaser, owner of www.fitlifechampions.com specializing in online personal training for women 25-40 with a history of trauma (break ups, divorce, child rearing, etc.) that wish to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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