Ep. 2 Mindset, Self-awareness, and Self-love with Jessica Smith Dating Coach

Jessica Smith and I met through Facebook about 18 months ago.  I followed along her journey across the globe as a guest yoga instructor, which blew my mind to think that was a thing!  Please subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and if Jessica’s message resonates with you, please share this podcast with your friends and family!

She seemed to lead an amazing and exciting life by traveling the world as an expert guest yoga instructor at destination retreats; but that was only scratching the surface.  When she speaks, Jessica has a welcoming voice and has an easy explanation of love and dating which she gladly shares on her Facebook page!

So I began to watch every live video and hang on every word, especially when she mentioned Oxytocin and its effect on the sexes differently!

I later found out that she is a Love and Dating Coach that works with women and men who are really fed up with dating and are ready to find love.  They’ve tried it all and are feeling discouraged and quite lonely.  She helps them find love, become confident and feel sexy in their skin so they can feel good about themselves and attract in the people they are looking for.

Jessica has worked with hundreds of clients around the world including professional athletes, CEO’s, and executives using her signature Authentic Dating Strategy Programs and acclaimed International transformational yoga retreats.

Jessica Smith resides in Denver, Colorado and is frequently found traveling the world. She’s currently working on her new book, “Men Are People Too” and will be appearing in the international documentary “ LEAP, The Coaching Movie” set to debut Fall in 2018.

My biggest takeaways from our conversation today are,

  1. “Whether it’s one coffee or the rest of my life” I can find love in any amount at any time.
  2. “Love ’em where they are at” means to hold grace for those on their own journey to happiness through self-love and appreciation.
  3. Simple steps to discovering love are to be content with yourself first, be open and aware to your own authenticity, and finally to…

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