Ep. 3 Stephen Michael Andrews Spotted Dog Digital Media

Stephen Michael Andrews is a marketing business owner and serial entrepreneur that has made his home in Denver so that he can climb, hike, or run any day of the week.  Growing up in a military household, he was pushed to his limits in every capacity that is evident in his work ethic and drive to succeed.  After scaling an automobile performance parts business to 1,000+ attendees at conferences in 2008, he set his sights on social media to serve business owners across the country!  You can often find him dividing his time between Denver and his hometown of Dallas.

Stephen Michael Andrews

Marketer, rock climber, hiker, and endurance runner

Stephen and I met through a current online client of ours at Fit Life Champions.  He and I met at the gym in Denver and discussed fitness, entrepreneurship, and marketing.  We followed up later to perform a consultation with him so that he could get the real feel for what we do with clients when they seek out our help.

From there, our relationship grew and Stephen developed an introduction video for FLC which you can view here.  He produces A+ work with videography and photography, but now he has grown into producing podcasts (view my guest appearance here) and marketing strategy for fitness professionals and business owners.  Spotted Dog Digital Media is the name of his business that will impact the world while reaching his own fitness and entrepreneurial goals!

We dive deep into his own personal and professional goals so that you can get to know him better and learn WHY he is so passionate about serving fitness professionals through online marketing and media!

If his message resonated with you, please connect with Stephen online at www.spotteddogdigital.com or on Instagram at @rockandironathletics

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