Ep. 5 The Enneagram and Your Strengths with Lisa Foster Freedom Facilitator

I had known of Lisa Foster’s stellar reputation for years before finally meeting her in person at a local speaker’s event!  Her demeanor and professionalism is worn with ultimate respect of those around her and her powerful mission is exactly the same!  Please subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and if Lisa’s message resonates with you, please share this podcast with your friends and family!

As owner of Parillume, Lisa Foster helps survivors of sexual assault Shine From their Original Design and thrive!  She hosts events, speaks nationally, and works with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate their growth.  I especially wanted to pick her brain on how she uses assessments such as The Enneagram, Meyers-Briggs, and Strengths Finder to help her community grow to shine!

Lisa’s mission can be defined with her flagship program Shine From Your Original Design for Couples and how accepting, articulating and applying our strengths and personalities can be a game-changer in creating authentic, honoring, compassionate relationship!

Lisa’s journey in her own words, “My own Hero’s Journey began decades ago when I confronted my father about sexually abusing me. As I began to heal, I noticed something: The shame-based lens of our culture condemned me to a lifetime in recovery as a “survivor.” But I was determined to pioneer a path beyond survival, to a life without limits.”  Her message rang true for me and I am ecstatic to invite her on to the podcast to share her expertise in relationships and personal growth.

Highlights from our interview include

“Accept, Articulate, and Apply” 14:05

The Enneagram, personality type, and how it shows up when we are afraid 15:47

Cracking the code together 17:00

When you’re in growth mode and starting to date 18:30

Fit Life Champions sponsors the free monthly Shine Soirees that play host to her community members with enriching speakers and powerful testimonials from clients and Tribe leaders.  I also grew to respect Lisa’s vision, mission, and platform that I now consider her a mentor and leader in my community as well as friend and confidant.

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Your facilitator and host Dave Glaser, owner of www.fitlifechampions.com, specializes in online personal training for busy adults that want to improve mental health, decrease stress, boost energy and want to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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