Ep. 6 Boundaries and Oversharing with Nic Mancini LMFT

It was my pleasure to connect with Nick Mancini, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist!  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist building community and connection through individual, couple, family and group therapy.  Please subscribe on iTunes or Spotify and if Nick’s message resonates with you, please share this podcast with your friends and family!

Nick utilizes humor, metaphors, and experiential activities to help people develop the ability to engage in the present moment and decide whether a behavior is consistent with their values. Through acceptance and mindfulness practices, he identifies “how” you think about experiences to help create flexibility in moving toward personal growth and development. His approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help you effectively address personal life challenges.

Nick integrates cognitive behavior and systemic therapies and techniques to offer a personalized approach. With compassion, curiosity, and passion, he works with each individuals, families, and groups to build on their values and strengths to attain personal growth.

I am so grateful that Nic took the time to discuss relationships, intimacy, and values to share his expertise with you!  I am blown away by how empowering his philosophy for personal growth made me feel in our interview.

What resonated with me most from our podcast interview was how to foster curiosity within ourselves so that we can continue to grow and show up as authentically as possible when dating.  His goal with clients is to simplify skills with a systematic approach from the very first phone consultation.

Also impactful in our interview was how to address shame and vulnerability.  Nick recommended that I dive into Brene Brown‘s Daring Greatly, a book that has since changed my life and perspective on how to share my vulnerability!  Take a quick moment to read this recent blog post, The “Floodlights” of Vulnerability on my journey to find authenticity in Denver!

Nick plays multiple roles in his clients’ lives, such as coach, cheerleader, and an accountability partner.  Whether his clients wish to immediately date after a break up or divorce, or they would like to slow down, he will meet them where they are at to define their values and purpose.

He recommends connecting with other like minded individuals over shared experiences in new communities so that you can “honor your process” of growth.  If his message resonated with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out via his website https://liftcoloradocounseling.com

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Your facilitator and host Dave Glaser, owner of www.fitlifechampions.com, specializes in online personal training for busy adults that want to improve mental health, decrease stress, boost energy and want to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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