Ep. 7 Overcoming Trauma and Family History with Kevin Coates CPC

Kevin Coates is a certified professional coach serving clients to creat possibility from an impossible mindset.  After a childhood of trauma in the rough neighborhoods of Maryland, he set his intention on overcoming adversity to lead others on their self-awareness journey.

He has seen much of the dark sides life has to offer us including dysfunctional homes indulged with abuse, alcohol, drugs, emotional abandonment, etc. Kevin helps clients through their unprocessed trauma that have created fears to be seen.

He believes that self-Awareness is the first step to becoming authentic and helps people discover and uncover the barriers that are hold them from showing up authentically.

His favorite book recommendations are Mindsight, Relentless, Go Giver, Strong Father, Strong Father Strong Daughter, Millionaires Mind

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Your facilitator and host Dave Glaser, owner of www.fitlifechampions.com, specializes in online personal training for busy adults that want to improve mental health, decrease stress, boost energy and want to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 7 Overcoming Trauma and Family History with Kevin Coates CPC

  1. Kevin is the real deal! He has always been such a motivator in my life as a friend. There were times when I looked to him for advice and he has never pushed me to the side. Always made me feel important and like my trauma was a real thing. I love this! You are the best, Kevin!

    1. Thanks for the feedback on our website Victoria!! Keep believing!

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