Ep. 8 Communication and EQ with Rachel Friend

Rachel Friend, MA in Human Communication, and I connected via Instagram and I quickly loved her content and mission at @itsrachelfriend.

Her mission is to help others step back and become aware of what really matters to them.  Once they are clear on their End Game (ultimate goal) they can see what’s standing in the way and focus on what’s needed to get there. Rachel believes that the secret is in perspective.

There are a couple of reasons she believes people struggle with authenticity.  First, many people have their guards up due to past hurts. They believe this to be the only way to protect themselves from future pain, and in turn, fear opening up and being vulnerable – which is needed for authenticity to thrive.

Second, understanding what being authentic really means is something that most people are unaware of.  Rachel believes that by creating awareness of what it means to be your authentic self and ways to achieve that would help to remedy this.

She serves people with in-person coaching, small group, online group training, and as a speaker.  Learn more about her at www.itsrachelfriend.com

Rachel enjoys meeting new people and learning their stories. Everyone has one.
The book she teach from is called Natural Bridges by Randy Fujishin. It focuses on interpersonal relationships by building bridges not barriers.  She has done a few workshops on Emotional Intelligence and the importance of Validating Feelings.

Rachel has since teamed up and is collaborating with Ep. 9 Expert Guest, Garrett Wood to bring you a one of a kind live virtual event, September 28, 2018 at 11 am PST!  Connect with them on Instagram to attend their event! @itsrachelfriend and @gnosistherapy

Rachel and Garret

Connect with her via her website, Instagram, or by email!


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