Ep. 11 Empowering, Encouraging, and Engaging with Reese Lasley

Reese Lasley, author of The Abilities and speaker, and I met this year during a photo shoot for a local business and hit it off immediately!  His passion for serving others shined through immediately as he spoke about his life, mission, and vision.  Here’s a quick shot from that evening!


Cancer survivor and inspirational speaker, Reese wins you over quickly with his enthusiasm for human connection and development.  We connected quickly after the photoshoot so that we could collaborate on BIG GOALS for our businesses and future adventures.  As I am hoping to self-publish my book Aspire Higher in 2019, Reese has been an invaluable resource with expert advice!

Likewise, Reese has picked my brain on developing systems in his business to welcome all those that wish to tap into their abilities so that they can reach their biggest goals!

My biggest take-aways were…

9:40- The best way to learn something is to teach it (sounds a lot like during Jason Kendrick’s interview)!

14:15- To begin their authentic personal growth journey, they need to look within themselves and recognize their gifts.

23:00- Reproduction is the key to life just as recreation is to success

If his message resonated with you, please connect with him at reese@theabilities.com and share this episode with family, friends, and those you believe will benefit from the Believe Be Real Be Bold message!

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