Ep. 13 Why the Podcast Began with Dave Glaser and Jessica Smith

We are flipping the tables today as Jessica Smith swings by to interview Dave Glaser.  Her book, Men Are People Too, will be out soon and she was brave enough to come by and interview Dave a few weeks ago.

That gave us the genius idea to share more about Dave through a “reverse interview” with one of our fan fave guests, Jessica (Ep. 2) as the facilitator for the day!

2:00- How and why the BBR Podcast came to be!

6:15- Why sharing my vulnerability with my father moved me forward!

16:40- What Dave would like to know about what women want!

32:15- How long has Dave actually been happy in a relationship!

37:30- Is Chivalry dead?!

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Your facilitator and host Dave Glaser, owner of www.fitlifechampions.com, specializes in online personal training for busy adults that want to improve mental health, decrease stress, boost energy and want to become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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  1. Great reading thiss

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