Ep. 14 Self Love with Skylar Drake Relationship Coach

Skylar Drake, the owner of Relate & Revel Coaching, was introduced to me from a business associate here in Denver.  We met up for coffee and discussed our lives’ passions, mission, and vision and discovered common interests in serving the human heart.  She is passionate about addressing her clients needs when it comes to a lack of confidence and worth in who that authentic self is for them.

Skylar is also passionate about bringing real connection and intimacy to the digital age. Her private coaching and class offerings are designed to help others tackle the mindset and personal roadblocks that would prevent them from enjoying the authentic, empowering, and intimate relationships that they deserve.

The major take aways I learned from my conversation with Skylar Drake are….

6:00- We are (voluntarily) asking people to judge us, and hope they judge us positively.

13:00- Let go of that need for positive judgement when scrolling (on social media) and focus on what we’re sharing and being

“Joy makes changing easier”- Skylar Drake

33:30- Well being is acting in a state of love for yourself!

Skylar is an active member of the Denver entrepreneurial scene and am always exploring new opportunities to connect with like-minded folks; you can find me at soulful networking events, wellness gatherings, happy hours, and anywhere there’s empowering conversation to be had.

Currently, she is reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and just finished White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte. You can also find her on a trail with my pup Rory or snapping pictures of the gorgeous street art around Denver.

Skylar Drake can be reached at skylar@relateandrevel.com and on Facebook at Relate & Revel Coaching

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