Ep. 16 Singling in San Diego with Jess Ryan

I began following the @singlingpodcast over the summer and literally binge listened to Jess and Tony rant about being single in San Diego!  Some funny, some sad, and some great guests made their conversations human and relatable to me as I was dating in Denver!

Jess (sans Tony today) stepped away from her busy schedule as a single mom and full time sales person to chat with us about how it is to date in our modern world.

6:30 -Singling in San Diego- what’s that mean?

12:15- From Savage to Personal Growth, “Breaking hearts and taking names”

15:39- Purchasing a home complete independent of anyone else

22:10- Cuffing season, September-February!

25:30- “Getting Ghosted” Question and Answer from a listener

31:30- Organic dating vs. Online dating, differences and successes

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