Ep. 17 Set Intentions and Core Values with Sharon Smith

“Who else can be You, better than You?”  This is a question that Sharon Smith, Certified Dating Coach- Hart Coach Academy, asks of you to discover who you truly want to be!

Sharon’s book, Dating Doesn’t Have to be Complicated and an online dating service, Love Match, LLC helps assist singles 25 years and older reach their relationship goals.  Often times they feel they are not good enough so they try and be someone who they are not.  Her response to them is that never try and be someone who you are not.

The standout points made while talking to Sharon were…

When you’ve had a few “Crash and Burn” dates, it’s time to take a break and….

Knowing yourself is the 1st Step to success in finding what you’re looking for in love.

There is a pattern, and often times, it’s not even realized!

Top three things to do right now to make a change and make a difference.

Having gratitude leads to Enjoying the Process more and then she met her partner!

Core Values vs. Deal Breakers- proceed with caution’

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