Bonus Episode: The Stoic Mask

BONUS EPISODE!  Available until Sunday only!

The Stoic Mask is one that I wore for almost 20 years!

I resonate most with this mask that Lewis Howes  wrote about in The Masks of Masculinity and after reading this amazing book, I spent a couple of months pondering where to go from there.

I decided that it was time to remove my mask, address what was holding me back form love and abundance, and finally realized it was finally time to share my story.

Through a history of trauma, I chose to shut down and build up walls that prevented anyone from coming close to me.  The Stoic Mask was my default programming and my “go-to” defense mechanism.  It worked.  I held back from loved ones for 20 years and that caused me to miss out on love, success, and freedom.

The weight I was carrying by hiding behind my mask was enough to crush any man and I bore it all alone for far too long.  In 2017, I decided that enough was enough and through self-discovery using the Enneagram personality assessment and complimentary books such as The Sacred Enneagram.  I was able to leave a toxic relationship and build my business stronger than ever with a renewed passion for serving busy adults that want to improve mental health.


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