Ep. 20 Having Gratitude for Your Purpose with Erika Holmes, LMFT

Erika Holmes, LMFT, has a goal to empower you to make changes in your life that decrease suffering, increase awareness, and assist you in creating a “life worth living”.

Her practice is rooted in building a collaborative working relationship with her clients and is based on Pragmatic Experiential Therapy for Couples (Pet-C), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Erika’s special areas of interest and training include working with 20–40-year-old sassy women, distressed relationships, people with mood disorders, trauma, eating disorders, and borderline personality disorder.

Her expertise also includes individual, couples, and family therapy, group therapy, parenting classes, behavioral assessments, and professional consultations.  Erika strives to first bring awareness to how your thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect one another and then teach you how to apply the principles of Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Distress Tolerance Skills.

8:30- 3 Major Attachment styles but a fourth can be “disorganized” and the styles are plastic versus concrete

11:30- Have a strong inner warrior!

13:45- Let’s just get it out of the way that you judge me and leave me.  Your behavior makes sure that it happens that way.

19:10- Values based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A New Twist on Cognitive Behavior Therapy

29:30- When it’s hard, it allows for gratitude for the challenge because the reward is sweeter

If Erika’s message resonated with you today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her now at www.colordaocft.com, on Facebook at @ColoradoCFT and lastly on Twitter @erikaholmesmft

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