Ep. 23 Love Your Soul with Joanna Shakti

Joanna Shakti gets men and women to quickly open their bodies, hearts, and minds to a truer love, a deeper intimacy, a more heated passion than they’ve ever imagined before.  As a Soul Love Mentor, Joanna’s purpose is to awaken every man and woman to the spiritual journey of love-self-love, romantic love, divine love — so that they may experience the deepest of connections, pleasures, intimacies, and joys available on this human journey.  She believes that when her clients are disowning of themselves is the biggest reason holding people back from reaching their full relationship potential.

From corporate America to deep intimacy,  Joanna has worked with many clients over the years with her business at the Path of Soul Love at www.ecstaticintimacy.com.  She helps men and women to get out of the friend zone and to get over the nice guy syndrome to awaken the authentic man/woman inside you.

My biggest takeaways were…

9:28- Where are all the strong men?

11:30- Men and women have been conditioned to not be themselves!

18:30- The fastest way to end an upset with a woman, “Hear how she feels”!

27:30- Conflict becomes the Communion, which always deepens the union


If Joanna’s message resonates with you from the podcast, please learn more about the Path of Soul Love at www.ecstaticintimacy.com or her upcoming event Soulful Passion Retreat

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