Ep. 24 Strong Foundations with Geoff Loughton

Ep. 24 Strong Foundations with Geoff Laughton

Geoff Laughton, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, is a two time best selling author of books such as Building a Conflict-proof Relationship and Built to Last. Geoff’s mission is to help people be fully comfortable in their own skin and power using their relationship with self and other as the incubator.  With his men’s work, he is all about changing the paradigm of gender relations, empowering men to show up for themselves, their partners, and their lives.  Geoff believes that we have a fear that we will be found out to be some kind of fraud and that’s what holds us back from being our authentic selves.

In today’s episode, Geoff shares a message that hits home for me.  From distant relationships with men to parenting a teenager, Geoff has a way of walking me through my fears of not showing up as my most authentic self.

My biggest take aways were…

13:15- First midlife crisis (in my 30s) had nothing to do with women, but rather with who the hell am I?

14:55- Why am I here?   Purpose, mission, vision.  Every human has a hunger to know and to live.  Men are pretty wired to be protector and provider.

20:15- It gets easy to mistake that initial first year of biochemical orgy of “this feels great” can be confused with being a great couple.

31:50- Sift through your own BS by asking the people closest to you (woman you’re with or best friends) “Could you give me a few examples of what I said that weren’t quite adding up?”

You may email Geoff at geoff@yourrelationshiparchitect.com or visit him at the same web address yourrelationshiparchitect.com

If Geoff’s message resonated with you today, please learn more at  the evolvingman.com

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