Ep. 25 Love Education with Renee Slansky

Ep. 25 Love Education with Renee Slansky

Renee is the founder of Australia’s #1 dating and relationship blog, The Dating Directory.  After 12 years in the entertainment industry as a model and tv presenter , Renee’s heart for seeing people live in fulfilling relationships, propelled her to
be one an international writer and coach.  Renee contributes advice to some of the largest online publications in the world including The Huffington Post , The Good Men Project , Your Tango, Elite Daily and more.  She is a dating and relationship advisor for eHarmony, Plenty Of Fish, Happn, We Date, and RSVP.com and continues to fuse the gap between technology and finding love.  Her teachings have been written in educational textbooks that are distributed throughout the whole of North America.  She has been educating men and women on love since 2013. 

Renee is often called to present as a relationship expert for talkshows, podcasts, and commercial radio globally.  Her methods are based on providing a strong foundation of self love and sustainable solutions. Renee has curated several online programmes for women and continues to speak globally at events around the world; making love education accessible for all. As a love advisor for over 30 thousand women, Renee still works 1-2-1 with men and couples to help them cultivate strong , healthy relationships.

Renee sees that her clients are held back from being their most authentic selves by their lack of education to recognize their own patterns and their need to stay in the comfort zone because they are afraid of the uncertainty of change. Renee belives that Being authentic is important , but wants us to know that being self aware of who you are , what you bring, and what is needed in love is more important.

My biggest takeaways were…

8:20- You ARE the fairytale! Not the relationship, man, or woman in your life. 

11:05 – You know how to be sustainable and survive without someone else.

14:45- If I’m doing what needs to happen in order to reach that goal, by logic, you’re going to get it.

28:00- When you establish your boundary, you give them a choice to step up or step out.

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