Ep. 27 Radical Love with Laura Menze and Lori Davis

Laura Menze, Certified Relationship Coach for singles and couples, along with Lori Davis, a Certified Relationship Specialist, created Radical Love so that singles could know themselves, know what they want, and to realize that loving themselves first is most important! They believe that if singles and couples do the work on the front end of a relationship, they will have a healthier love like never before!

Laura and Lori host The Radical Love Summit each year to show the world that we need more love!  To them, Radical Love means connecting love and relationship coaches with singles and couples so that they can apply preventative maintenance on their love lives.

Head over to theradicallovesummit.com and be sure to say hi to us if you see us there too in April ’19!

My biggest take aways were…

6:40- The media will not put a healthy relationship on tv because we want to hear about the trainwreck!

17:45 Men who are happier in their relationships, earn more money

19:00 Your core values are like your North Star for a fulfilled life

21:00 Believe actions, not words. Your partner must be able to walk the walk.

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