Ep. 28 Second Chances with Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen, Author of Living in the Freedom Frequency and the I AM a Brilliant Woman book series and Recipient of Women of Inspiration Game Changer Award.

The biggest thing preventing her clients from being their authentic self is their ego mind, that fearful part of them that keeps them living small. The result is they search outside of themselves instead of taking the journey within. She believes it is also a lack of knowing one’s own values as they have grown accustomed to taking on on the values of others.

The journey to identifying and embracing one’s true core values creates a solid foundation for which the authentic self can begin to blossom. Her mission is to ignite the world with love and empower those who are ready to become the best version of themselves so we can collectively create heaven on earth.

My biggest takeaways were…

3:00- Karen’s body was showing disease because of her lifestyle choices

16:00- When we are hiding the true essence of ourselves, that’s when drama and trauma present in our lives.

31:00- Relationships can be a mirror image of everything we are at that time.

If Karen’s message resonates with you today, please reach out to her at karen klassen.ca

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