Ep. 29 Fail Forward with Jason Eric Ross

Jason Eric Ross, licensed psychotherapist, actor, and author of You Can Say No and Your Child Will Still Love You, spent some time with me discussing parenting, dating, and self-discovery. Checking items off of his personal bucket list leads him to help people lead very fulfilled lives, be authentic and crush goals.

Jason believes that being authentic is a measure of how healthy or comfortable you are and when you are healthy you tend you find a healthy partner. He also believes that fear and not having delved into their own “stuff” and their past plus how patterns influence their present and future until they attack it and examine it.

My biggest takeaways were…

8:54 To Fail Forward Thomas Edison failed 9,999 times on his way to inventing the light bulb on that 10,000 try!

12:22 A break in the space time continuum. (Marty) You can’t go back, or can you? If you don’t address your past, you’re doomed to repeat it.

14:00 Insight and vulnerability are the two most important traits you need.

15:36 Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice. A favorite saying in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

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