Ep. 31 Open Hearted with Kerri-Ann Appleton

Kerri-Ann Appleton is a Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Transformation Coach with a mission to empower one million women worldwide to thrive by finding their true authentic selves and to live from that place. She believes that our patterns, beliefs and conditioning from our childhood, community, society, and culture is what holds us back from being our most authentic selves.

My biggest takeaways from our podcast were….

What does it mean to have a great relationship?

Begin with the end in mind from Steven Covey.

Fall deeply in love with yourself to get the most our of your hard work!

When I ask for something, it’s not necessarily on my timeline.

If Kerri-Ann’s message resonates with you today, reach out to her on Facebook at “My journey to Rio”!

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