The Challenger

Self-awareness and discovery of our true selves is the sure fire way to find our dream relationship and partner! When you are your most authentic self, your ideal partner will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame!

Dave Glaser, host of the podcast, shares with you his path to authenticity in the second of many solo conversations that come out every Friday on the Believe Be Real Be Bold Podcast for authentic dating.

It began over two years ago with an amazing book by Gay Hendricks called The Big Leap which helped explain why Dave was upper limiting himself and feeling like he was held back so much personally, professionally, and romantically.

The personal growth journey progressed from there once he discovered that his personality type, The Challenger, could explain why his tendency was to come across as intense and like a “Mack Truck full of Marshmallows”.

Fast forward to two years later, Dave is inviting you to join in on the conversation of the Enneagram with you when you take your own test at and then quickly schedule a call by clicking here now!

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