Breaking Away From the Mold with Varsha Mathur

Varsha Mathur, speaker and coach, has a mission to help women find love by uprooting traditional norms and working from the inside out to build the confidence needed to find lasting love. She believes that a lack of self-confidence is what holds us back from being our most authentic selves.

In this week’s episode, we connect over topics such as online dating, tools to improves self-confidence, and ways to get outside your comfort zone! You may even find you increase the likelihood of meeting someone new when you do just that!

My biggest takeaways were…

When you have “I’ll find the one” mentality, that’s dangerous for you!

When you have self-confidence, you’re less likely to throw all your eggs in one basket.

If you’re questioning the relationship at all, means it’s probably not worth it. Sit with that for a few moments.

Dating multiple people in the early stages can be a good thing. (For example) If you’re still not sure about one, and you’re out with another but it doesn’t feel right or if I feel like I’m cheating on the other guy.

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