Fears and Desires

Are you held back in relationships because you are afraid to get hurt? Again?

Do you desire to find the love you’ve been seeking your whole life? Do you desire to have that one key piece of the puzzle you know is missing but you can’t put your finger on what it is?

You’re not alone. So many of our listeners reach out every day with the same opinion. That they just can’t find what they’re looking for. I’ve been there before, over and over again. That is until I discovered that I was The Challenger personality type. What do you mean, The Challenger, Dave?

The Enneagram personality type assessment found me a couple years ago as I was struggling to uncover why I was seeing so much conflict in my romantic relationship and why it felt as if I was alone in my business. I discovered that I was a type 8, or The Challenger, on the Enneagram.

That’s when the light switch turned on for me. The answers were right there in front of me! I began to dive deep into self-awareness and discovery through the lens of the Enneagram and the growth I have seen as a result have been astronomical.

From where I was two years ago to the point where I am today, it is almost unrecognizable. I may appear to others as if nothing has changed, but to me, I know the difference because I feel different, I act different, and I make such different choices that I cannot go back to the old version of myself.

Check out the latest solo episode of the podcast where I share my basic fears and desires from the context of relationships, business, and personal growth.

To learn more about your Enneagram personality type, click 9types.com now and spend ten minutes answering the questions. Once finished, email or set up a call with Dave believeberealbebold@gmail.com and http://www.calendly.com/daveglaser to learn more about your fears and desires!

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