Permanence in Relationships with Nick Mancini

Nick Mancini, LMFT, and owner of Lift Colorado Counseling invited me in to his safe and welcoming practice in Cherry Creek near Denver to discuss masculinity, financial security, and permanence in relationships as it pertains to expectations. We dive deeper in this episode than the last time he was an expert guest on relationships! I have learned so much from Nick over the past year or so of getting to know him, we even discuss how being business owners and leading a family make it challenging to find balance in our lives.

My biggest takeaways were…

7:00 Having a core value of non-judgement is hard to do but we can all aspire to it!

10:50 Judgements vs. Observations but when we state these observations, people can become defensive.

20:20 Grace and forgiveness for myself is connected to the core value of non-judgement

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