Attached with Natalia Samman

Anxious, avoidant, secure, or disorganized… Which attachment style are you?

Natalia Samman, LCSW, joined me in the Fit Life Champions office to go deep into something we can both relate to a lot! Attachment styles are a passion for us both because of our personal experience with the avoidant style. Natalia believes that we are held back most by our lack of self-awareness in addition to unresolved attachment styles. Her mission is to provide therapy, skills, and insights to busy adults who are pre- or post-break up. Working together, she knows they can resolve the personal challenges that are leading to hurtful patterns in romantic relationships.

My biggest take aways were…

The four main attachment styles can show up as the opposite of their tendencies in the initial stage of the relationship and then flip back around three months in.

There’s hope for us if the attachment style awareness stings or scares you!

Attachment comes from the mid-brain and somatic skills help level us out!

The brain is the “social organ” and to train the brain comes through interacting with others!

If Natalia’s message resonates with you today, don’t hesitate to reach out to her now or on Facebook @nataliasamman

Dave Glaser is a owner and head online trainer at Fit Life Champions and an Enneagram Coach for singles that wish to become more resilient while seeking an authentic relationship. Download your free 3 Step Guide to Finding Lasting Love at now!

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