Discovering the Peacemaker

The Peacemaker, or type 9 on the Enneagram, is a generous and thoughtful personality type that sits next to The Challenger but couldn’t be more different!

My daughter Madison, is an amazing example of a Peacemaker.  What is beautiful about the type 9 is that they can relate to so many of the other personality types on the Enneagram. They can appear very motherly and their tendency is to want to avoid conflict altogether and will “go along to get along” with others. Often times they are seen as stuffing down their anger until it overflows like a volcano!  

Dave Glaser, Enneagram coach and personal trainer introduces you to the Peacemaker over the next four weeks in a new series on the podcast! Take about ten minutes and listen to a short description of the unique personality type now! While you’re listening to the podcast, subscribe to be the first to hear the new episodes every Monday and Friday on iTunes and Spotify!

Take your own assessment at 9types.comand then shoot Dave the screen shot so that we can learn more about you through self-awareness!

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