Foolishly Dating with Melissa Webb

Melissa Webb, Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Purposeful Counseling, believes that we all need authenticity to be successful in relationships. Purposeful Counseling is her private practice that aims to empower and heal adult trauma survivors through therapeutic means and the Christian faith. Through Purposeful Counseling, Melissa strives to heighten the awareness of mental health within the Christian setting and to provide quality services to all individuals so that they can show up as their most authentic self.

Today on the podcast, we dive into foolishly dating and the dissatisfying results that come when you haven’t set your intentions to know why you’re dating and not wasting your time.

My biggest take aways were….

If you’re foolishly dating, you will be foolishly single.

It is never on our timeline, but rather on God’s greater plan.

Hurt people attract hurt people and unless we are aware of it, the unhealthy patterns will continue to repeat themselves.

It’s always best to take time off between relationships to reset and take care of yourself as a priority!

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