The Numbers Game with Amanda Mclernon

Amanda Mclernon, Founder and CEO of McLernon & Co, is a real life dater in Denver. We quickly connected over a phone call but it took us another few months to sit down and record an actual interview. She believes that what holds us back in our relationships is that we aren’t ready to face what we fear most. Once we are honest with ourselves and face those fears, we can be our most authentic self.

What I love about Amanda’s perspective on dating in Denver is that she never gives up. Even when facing adversity, ghosting, or difficulty in landing that fifth date, she perseveres in her business and social life! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram to see her completely honest and authentic stories and posts. @amandamclernon

Amanda made a huge mindset shift recently from playing the numbers game to quality, authentic, value based conversations with men even when she knew pretty quickly that there wouldn’t be a second date. Listen to the full conversation now by subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or iHeart Radio!

My biggest takeaways were…

When Amanda made a mindset shift from calculating how much a date cost her in opportunities to work on her business to finding value in the person she was with… even if there wouldn’t be a second date!

How Amanda moved through the shame and fear of the financial insecurity that came with leaving her long term relationship and how she got financially secure on my own and eventually manifesting $9,000 in one week!

How she challenged and taught herself to grow personally and professionally so that she could be prepared for the love to find her!

How she learned to give yourself “a fuck-load of grace” and how the “Eat, Pray, Love” phase of her life didn’t exactly pan out the way she had hoped.

Dave Glaser is a owner and head online trainer at Fit Life Champions and an Enneagram Coach for singles that wish to become more resilient while seeking an authentic relationship. Download your free 3 Step Guide to Finding Lasting Love at now!

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