Soul Stories with Danny Mazur

Danny Mazur and I were connected through Kerri-Ann Appleton, a former guest on the podcast. He has a powerful mission to impact so many lives by teaching them to tell authentic stories! His mission is to support storytelling and dialogue to break social barriers and create real, human connection. Soul Stories Denver has a monthly storytelling and dialogue group, co-create events with individuals and organizations that address pressing social issues, a podcast, and are developing a youth storytelling curriculum. Their storytelling model and conversational guidelines are constructed to facilitate authentic conversations, connections and relationships

He believes that we are held back in relationships for various reasons. It obviously varies from one person to the next, but Danny imagines that a sense of shame that their authentic self is flawed and ‘not good enough’ for relationships, career, society, etc.

Through live events hosted in Denver, Co, Danny welcomes all types of people to discuss social issues including gentrification and sexual consent. Join him and Soul Stories Denver for the next upcoming amazing educational event happening Friday April 12, 2019 at The Mercury Cafe from 7-9:30 pm.

Dave Glaser is a owner and head online trainer at Fit Life Champions and an Enneagram Coach for singles that wish to become more resilient while seeking an authentic relationship. Download your free 3 Step Guide to Finding Lasting Love at now!

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