Conscious Relationships with Julia Munson

Julia Munson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Hendricks Institute Transformation Leader, who believes that fear and lack of education around healthy relationship skills are what cause us to be held back in our relationships. Her mission is to educate and empower people to have healthy, loving relationships. She has a private practice, is the co-creator of Mother/Daughter TWOgether (along with her daughter, Hannah) and helps empty nest women create a third act they love.

My big takeaways and the practical application of this useful tool from Julia are as follows!

12:45- A Conscious Relationship is when both people are dedicated to learning more than they are to being right. Using skills like the acronym, ART- Attention, Responsibility, and Transparency we can work through any conflict.

22:06- The Power of Withholds- same impact in our relationship as lying. Keeping secrets keep us from feeling close to one another.

23:28- When is not a good time to bring up the “Five minute sweat conversation?”- When you’re in a car or exhausted from your day!

29:30- I keep seeing the same thing happening in my relationships over, and over, and over again. The next step is speaking to someone professional with training and expertise.

31:58- Looking at the “Pearls are in the Patterns”. Don’t get stuck in blame and it may not only be poor partner selection!

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