Serendipity with Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry, MA in Psychology and certified health and wellness coach, believes that as life continues to become busier and more demanding, we tend to lose ourselves in the never-ending frenzy. Our minds become past- and future-oriented, which prevents us from being truly present and enjoying the moment. Then, as we tend to focus all of our energy on what we believe we “should” be doing, we (and especially women) tend to put ourselves last. We begin to feel like failures because we set out to achieve impossibly high standards for ourselves, and we strive to be “all things to all people” with little to no attention given to our innermost wants and needs. This initiates the cycle of negative self-talk; we feel angry and disappointed that we aren’t perfect, and we take it out on ourselves. Ultimately, she believes that we become our own worst enemies, and truly out of touch with who we are and what lights us up.

As a Positive Mindset Coach, her specialty is helping women who suffer from mood issues and negative thought patterns to break free from old patterns that are no longer serving them.

My biggest takeaways were…

7:00- What Serendipitous moment occurs that forces us to make a change?

8:20- Can’t see the forest for the trees.

17:30- How do I make the time for myself and my partner as a young parent to be able to pour all of me back into my family?

20:30- Putting yourself first will fuel your passion for your purpose and inspire others to do the same!

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