Hilarious Dating Terms

DTF?! OMW?! DTR?! There are many terms out there that come up when dating in the modern world!

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and the abundance of dating apps makes it easier and easier to meet new people but is the connection really there?

At our live events in Denver, CO, we aim to educate and entertain our podcast listeners by defining these modern dating terms that can frustrate, inspire, or prevent us from discovering an authentic conversation!

We begin with our live event in December 2018, How to Survive Dating in Denver, with Jessica Smith and Dave Glaser walking our audience through common modern dating terms so that you can be prepared and not caught off guard. Listen to (definitions start at 13:05) or watch the whole video now to hear what they have to say about ghosting, cat fishing, situationships, and more!

Fast forward to April 2019 and Jessica and Dave connect again at the live event How to Thrive While Dating in Denver to continue to share some terms and behaviors you may encounter while getting “back out there”! Ghosting, submarining, cuffing season, text-tation-ship, and more!

To attend the next live event absolutely free and to watch more videos from Dave’s single life, such as how he got catfished in 2007 and what he learned by dating three Lindsays within a year, click Members Only Community Forum to join and to have your donation support the show!

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