Can Exes Be Friends?

Can Exes be friends?!

An ex of mine reached out recently with this very question. The conversation that followed is what inspired this podcast episode! I didn’t respond right away to the question because it had been a while since we had spoken, maybe about six months.

I began to think about that question from the perspective of our listeners and I believed that my thoughts would be something you’d like to hear on the subject! I began to think (maybe overthink) about what I would respond to her. And it went something like this…

My answer as the BBR Podcast host is, “Yes, no, and it depends”. Pretty vague right?! Tune into the whole episode by subscribing on iTunes, YouTube, or Spotify now to be the first to know when a new episode drops!

What if you’re the new girl in the relationship and his ex is still in the picture, what do you do then?! What happens if her ex boyfriend texts her frequently and she hasn’t set healthy boundaries with him?

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