Cool Guy’s Guide with Spencer Burnett

Spencer Burnett, author of the Cool Guy’s Guide, has a powerful mission to help men authentically become the type of guy every woman loves so he can be with the woman of his choice.  He believes that we are held back from finding lasting love when we go looking to cure loneliness through a relationship.

At the, Spencer wants you to stop wasting your time on dating apps and “pick up” videos and learn how to meet women in unexpected places.

My biggest take aways were…

7:30- The “Lovers” phase of the relationship is tricky and meant to learn how to communicate with your partner without “jumping the gun”. This phase is very important from Spencer’s perspective that he uses in his coaching philosophy.

9:22- Regular check point conversations need to happen BEFORE there is a need to address the topics. So that you won’t waste anyone’s time when seeking the right person.

10:15- You can only casually date someone for so long. He encourages people to have preemptive conversations with their partner to share their intentions after about 6-12 weeks of dating.

17:30- It’s important to include your partner in your personal growth and maintenance routines.

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  1. ANTONIO CANIANO May 20, 2019 — 7:54 am

    love to have emails on it very good I really enjoy what you said my brother

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