Connection Through Expression with Sarah Rabenou

Sarah Rabenou, LCAT, MPS, has over 15 years as a creative arts therapist and life coach; in that time she has also founded a women’s center. She believes that fear, pain, negative relationship experiences is what holds us back in relationships. Sarah’s own life experience has brought her to have a passion for helping single super moms create love that finally lasts.

My biggest takeaways were….

8:15- Four or five “dances” or skills can be implemented in your life to understand your emotions so that you can stop repeating patterns in relationships.

10:00- Being in your passion and your pleasure turns your partner on and it keeps them interested!

10:39- In a society that trains us to put other people’s needs first, to please others first, to be liked and accepted. Have your own back! Make it right! Give yourself permission to be authentically YOU!

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Facebook in her private group Create Lasting Love Support Group

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